How to use Naloc

Naloc is easy to use and most people see visual improvements after just two weeks.

With Naloc you can treat nails affected by fungal infection or psoriasis easily and smoothly, without the need to file the nail. Naloc is applied once a day to the discoloured/deformed nail. In order to help Naloc work, it is a good idea to make the treatment a routine upon going to bed.

How to use Naloc:

1. Hold the point of the tube onto the nail and press lightly

2. Apply a thin layer over the entire nail surface, including under the free edge of the nail.

3. Leave to dry for a few minutes.

Treating fungal nails normally requires at least 3-6 months’ treatment to achieve a significant improvement, but with treatment with Naloc most users experience visible results after only 2-4 weeks. 

Duration of treatment varies according to the initial severity of the condition and the extent of the nail’s discolouration/damage. For optimal result, the treatment should be continued until a normal nail has grown out.

Download full instructions for use here. (link to IFU)

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