Naloc is the companion you need

Kind to you, tough on nail fungus.

Treating nail fungus requires a lot of patience. Many people hope that nail fungus will simply get better. But you can´t just wish it away.

Naloc is a unique fungal nail treatment – with triple acting effect. It´s antifungal, reduces discolouration and strengthens and smoothes the outer layers of the nail. For best results, you should start the treatment as soon as possible and complete the course.

We will show you why Naloc is the companion you need.

Nail fungus can be hard to detect and deal with. One reason for this is that the infection develops under the nail. It is therefore especially important that you start treatment at an early stage, and persevere with it.

Treating fungal nails normally requires at least 3-6 months treatment to achieve a significant improvement, but with treatment with Naloc most users experience visible improvement after only 2-4 weeks.*

Duration of treatment varies according to the initial severity of the condition and the extent of the nail’s discolouration/damage. For optimal result, the treatment with Naloc should be continued until a normal nail has grown out. Start your treatment today!

*JCDSA Faergemann et al. 2011: Vol 1 No 3; 59-63

Nail fungus causes

Nail fungus is the most common nail disorder, but what is the cause of nail fungus?

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Naloc treats nails affected by fungal infection. You can purchase Naloc in pharmacies.

Naloc – Triple acting fungal nail treatment

Naloc is antifungal, reduces discolouration and strengthens and smoothens the outer layers of the nail.

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